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Career Pathways

Educational and Career Planning for High School and Beyond

It's Your Future, Career Pathways and Portfolios

What is a Career Pathway?

A Career Pathway is a planning tool that gives students an opportunity to explore personal and career interests in a systematic way.

  • Pathways are designed to help students develop connections between classroom experience and future educational and career goals.
  • The schools in the West Sound Consortium have identified five Career Pathways.
  • All schools in the West Sound Consortium use the Pathways.
  • This will assist students who may transfer to another school or attend classes at West Sound Technical Skills Center.

Example Pathways:

The Arts & Communications Path consists of programs related to the humanities and the performing, visual, literary and media arts.

The Business & Marketing Path may be for you if you like to work with data, have clerical/numerical interests or are detail oriented, or if you like to work with others by influencing, persuading, and leading for organizational economic goals.

The Engineering & Technology Path consists of programs of study related to the technologies necessary to design, develop, install, or maintain physical systems.

The Science & Natural Resources Path consists of programs of study related to the physical and natural sciences.

The Health & Human Services Path consists of programs of study related to the promotion of physical and mental health.

Why Select a Career Pathway?

  • Helps students match personal interests and abilities with career fields.
  • Helps students make good decisions when registering for classes.
  • Improves communication skills and academic success.

What is a Portfolio?

  • In the West Sound Consortium, most students begin an Academic/Career Portfolio by their freshman year. They will revise and update their portfolio throughout their high school career.
  • The portfolio is designed to help all students understand the relevance of education to future goals and employment. Information gathered in the Academic/Career Portfolio will assist students in applying for scholarships, college, apprenticeships or employment.

Examples of items students keep in portfolios are:

  • Samples of student's best work and projects
  • Progress reports and report cards
  • Awards and honors
  • Community service and extra curricular activities
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Letters of introduction to resume
  • Career interests assessments
  • Post secondary education and/or career plan

West Sound Consortium Educational Partners

Bainbridge Island School District
Bremerton School District
Central Kitsap School District
North Kitsap School District
North Mason School District
South Kitsap School District
West Sound Technical Skills Center
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