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Student Dress Code

Dress Code

Explorer Academy is a K-12 school environment. Older students set an example that younger students will often want to follow.  Students are asked to wear clothing that is neat, clean, and suitable for school.  Listed below are examples of clothing which interfere with or distract from the educational process, or depict something illegal or lewd, and are unacceptable:

  • Sagging and oversized pants
  • Extremely tight or see-through clothing
  • Pajamas, robes, or slippers
  • Spaghetti strap tops, crop tops, or other midriff shirts
  • Clothing that reveals undergarments, cleavage, navel, back, or midriff
  • Short skirts/dresses, miniskirts, or short shorts
  • Clothing that advertise drugs, alcohol, or illegal products
  • Clothing that identifies gang colors

*This is in addition to South Kitsap School District’s Rights and Responsibilities Handbook