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Attendance at Explorer Academy

As a parent partner alternative school, Explorer Academy has a unique definition of "attendance".

  1. Students receive most of their instruction at home from parent(s). Parents must maintain accurate records of study time at home.
    • Elementary students should average at least 5 hours per school day.
    • Full-time secondary (JH/HS) students should average at least 6 hours per school day.
  2. Students are required to attend on-campus classes and conferences at least five hours each week. Explorer offers a variety of on-campus opportunities. Many secondary students fulfill the requirement by enrolling in one or two courses at SKHS.

  3. Students and parents are required to attend biweekly update conferences with their Consulting Teacher.

Note: The attendance guidelines for Explorer Academy students enrolled in the

Explorer VSP Online School may vary from the above description. See your Consulting Teacher for details.